I wait for her all day,
until the expiration date
The books soon hit
the box of clocks
and let my explanation weigh
upon the plates and platters
made of all my bones and shadows

And all that she had shattered
knew that nothing ever really
deserved the right to matter

So as the former climbed,
I went and shook her from the latter
and she’s and I’s stopped making sense
and this and that
and where and when
because the “it” that rains
had watered down our brains


Some (Sum)

So date me
= sedate me + congratulate me

So rape me
= so scrape me + annihilate me

Cogito ergo sum


S/M (Haiku)

This is my body

Does it look like currency?

Goodbye, stupid man!


My Love

My love will hug you
while you sleep

My love will bless you
while you eat

My love will walk
you down the street

My love will smile
each time you breathe

My love stays with you
when you leave



Back when numbers became verbs,

they cinq everything you learned.

Feelings are never words;

they make me skinny and absurd.



I am in pain, dear God
Do not question my suffering
My lungs are about to implode
into my brain which is about to explode
my poison thoughts into my veins
I am a reactor without demand
and I wonder how exactly
this eternal soliloquy
will end up killing me